Crazy Rich Asians or Crazy Dull Asians?

Tracy Lee, Staff Writer

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Asian minority groups were rarely portrayed in Hollywood until the release of Crazy Rich Asians, with a cast almost entirely composed of Asian-Americans. The film is about a girl named Rachel Chu who just learned that her boyfriend, Nick, belongs to an extremely affluent family and is considered one of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors. Unfortunately, Rachel must deal with Nick’s unapproving mother who believes she will never be good enough for Nick. Overall, the movie is very entertaining but it does have its faults.


Firstly, one of the positives of the movie is that there is very detailed character development for the two leads. In addition, the visuals and scenery are very intricate and beautiful to the point where they make the country of Singapore feel alive. The culture is also diligently portrayed with the presence of Chinese songs, language, and traditions accurately depicted throughout the movie.


Unfortunately, the second half of the movie did not perform as well as the first. With the conflict between Rachel and Nick’s mother being the central plot, the movie should have focused on their relationship more. Truthfully, the interactions between Rachel and the mother were quite confusing. Also, the romance between the two main characters is not well-written. Nick only returns and proposes to Rachel after he receives his mother’s approval. If Nick had undermined his mother and proposed to Rachel against his mother’s wishes, it would have been much more romantic because it would have revealed Nick prioritized Rachel above all else. This lack of romance and a well-developed conflict made the film quite dull.

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