Seeing Lorde

Julia Winterhalter, Photo Editor

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On Friday, April 6th, the Prudential Center was rocked by pop superstar Ella Yelich-O’Connor, better known by her stage name Lorde. Her Melodrama Tour packed in tens of thousands of fans for 21 songs on her set list. With dancers in a floating box and multi-colored strobe lights, it was definitely a night to remember. This tour supported her second studio album, Melodrama, which was released June 16, 2017 and sold over 100,000 copies in the first week, debuting number one on Billboard’s Top 200. The tour started September 26th, 2017 with 66 dates following across the world, starting in England and making its way through Australia, North America, Asia, and South America. When the date for Newark, NJ was announced last June, my friends and I were more than excited to get tickets, even if the show was about 10 months away. It was nearing the end of our spring break and we could not think of a better way to top it off.


Arriving at Prudential Center flooded us with a lot of excitement; we had been there previously for state hockey games and other concerts and now we’d come back for a highly anticipated night. We could hear the opening bands playing as we walked in, along with the swarm of thousands of other fans, and it was so loud you could feel the bass and drums in your chest. When Lorde finally came out around nine o’clock, she captivated the entire stadium with her performance. Each song was accompanied by different colored lights and interpretive dancers that truly expressed the feelings of every unique song. She was able to go from a heartbreaking slow performance of “Writer In The Dark” to an upbeat play of her first ever single, “Royals” off her album Pure Heroine. Her first single from Melodrama, called “Green Light,” was one of the most fun and exciting performances of the night, supported with green strobe lights that caused a stadium-wide dance party. Of course every artist comes back out for an encore, and during her final song of the night, “Team,” Lorde stepped off the stage to join her front row fans for hugs, high fives, and very memorable pictures. Although that was not me and my friends, watching the faces of the lucky fans on the big screen made us happy to support such a caring and dedicated artist that would put on this incredible show for us. On the ride back home my friends and I, though very tired, excitedly reminisced about our favorite parts of the night and how unique an experience it was. We hope that she will return for her next tour so that we can have the opportunity to do it all again.

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