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Spring Break: An Exploration of the Globe

Julia Bressi, Spotlight Editor

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Spring Break came and went at Ramsey, but students were still able to enjoy it. Most students spent the week relaxing, hanging out with friends, or traveling. A lucky few were able to go abroad and had unforgettable experiences. Juniors Maeve Leighton, Kaeli Brennan, and Sarah Welsh, vacationed to exotic destinations with their families. The trips were all unique in their own ways and left lasting memories for all three of the students.

The first destination on our list is South Africa, an uncommon vacation spot for travelers. However, Ramsey junior Maeve Leighton made the most of her stay, making some wonderful experiences that will stay with her forever. Since her father was born in South Africa, part of her trip was spent visiting family. The rest of her time in Africa was spent seeing a few popular tourist spots. The most unique experience of her trip was a safari to Kruger Park, where she was able to see elephants, giraffes, and dassies, a gopher like animal that is found all over South Africa and is Maeve’s favorite animal. In addition, she visited the country’s capital of Cape Town and Robins Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in 1962 for conspiring against the state. Her trip consisted of an incredible amount of traveling from different sites and cities, and was incredibly enjoyable. When asked her favorite part of the trip, Maeve replied, “The dassies!” Overall, Maeve loved her time in South Africa because it connected her to a piece of her heritage that she has never experienced before.

The next spring break excursion is to Costa Rica with Kaeli. She traveled there with her family and stayed at a popular resort called Los Suenos. Her vacation was primarily for relaxing and bonding with her siblings. The island of Costa Rica is full of gorgeous beaches where most visitors spend their time. One type of beach is the black sand beach which is famous for its unique color. Kaeli also spent some of her time zip lining and visiting Manuel Antonio National Park. The park was her favorite spot because it houses multiple exotic animals, such as sloths. For Kaeli, the best part was “spending time with my family outside of our busy schedules”.

Sarah Welsh traveled with her mom, aunt, and cousin to Portugal. The trip consisted of major cities such as Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, which is known for its impressive architecture and culture. In addition, she also visited the cities of Porto and Coimbra. In Coimbra, she visited the University of Coimbra; the facility was founded in 1290 and is notorious for being a center for academics. Besides site seeing, Sarah also visited some of the many famous beaches in Portugal. The vacation was incredibly busy with different trips and tours, as Sarah remarks “there was always something to do… it was crazy from beginning to end.” Through its various sceneries and culture, Portugal left an unforgettable impression on Sarah.

Traveling allows students to experience different cultures, even if it is just for a short period of time. Overall, students had an amazing spring break traveling all over to different destinations giving them memories that will last a lifetime.

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Spring Break: An Exploration of the Globe