Chiu on This

Nicole Chiu, Managing Editor

It’s pretty amazing how quickly my generation has gotten used to having computers and the internet at the ready.  The expression “in the palm of your hand” is pretty cliché, but it is entirely true now.  I can scarcely remember a time when I did not have immediate access to Google or Bing (if that is your preference).  However, the generation above us, particularly my parents, can certainly recall long nights at the library or heavy researching with an encyclopedia in the house.  They can definitely think back to moments when they were not able to figure out who that “one actor was in that movie” without the handy IMDb iPhone app.

I am humbled by the internet, and can attest to the remarkable power of computers, because without one it would be impossible to be reading this column right now.  But aside from that, I wonder, what will this generation say to the next?  After 20-30 years pass, what will the next breakthrough be… will we be telling our children that back in our day we were not lucky enough to have mind-reading computers?  It really is impossible to tell what the next advancements will be in technology, but it is safe to say that there will be differences in 20 years.

Despite the convenience of smart phones, computers, and the internet, it is sad that there are millions of kids who will grow up never having experienced life without them.  Will our culture become too dependent on these luxuries?  Only time will tell, but in the meantime, “internet addiction” is just a Google search away.