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Solar Eclipse Sweeps Across United States

Bobby Taylor, Staff Writer

September 29, 2017

For the first time in a hundred years, there has been a solar eclipse visible across the entire United States. While the eclipse was at least partially visible from everywhere in the country, our home town of Ramsey did not have full visibility of the eclipse. This is because the eclipse is only ful...

Ramsey Soccer Collects Clothes for Hurricane Victims

Julia Bressi, Spotlight Editor

September 29, 2017

Over the past month, hurricanes have been hitting the United States and the Caribbean back-to-back. Two of them, Irma and Harvey, have left significant damage. Hurricane Harvey came first and hit the coast of Texas. The category four storm killed 71, displacing 30,000 Americans and devastating Houst...

Big Blue Marching Band Show “Out of Chaos” Was Anything but Chaotic

Alexa Austin, Staff Writer

September 29, 2017

On Saturday, September 16th, the Ramsey High School’s Big Blue Marching Band took the field at their first competition of the season. For the first time in many years the marching band put all three movements of their show “Out of Chaos” on the field for their competition. It was also one of t...

Egypt from the Eyes of Egyptians 2017 Part 2

A busy day at the Qaitbey Castle in Alexandria, Egypt

Sarah Eldib, Managing Editor

June 13, 2017

A Continuation of Egypt from the Eyes of Egyptians Part 1 In Egypt, a country of over 90 million, Dina, Jaylan and Nour have seen various turning points that have taken place in post-revolution Egypt affecting their daily lives. Dina, Jaylan, and Nour are usually busy on the weekdays. Dina, ...

Big Blue in Washington D.C.

Amanda Kaczorowski, Staff Writer

June 12, 2017

Constitution Avenue is home to many nationally known landmarks, such as the Smithsonian Castle and the Washington Monument, and is in close proximity to the Capitol Building, as well as the White House. On Monday, May 29, this road had further significance for the students of Ramsey High School. The...

First Ramsey Street Fair Brings Residents and Local Businesses Together

Lily Flood, Staff Writer

June 8, 2017

On May 7th, 2017, Ramsey’s Main Street transformed into a downtown cultural hub, complete with delicious food, catchy music, trendy clothes, and gorgeous jewelry. Although the weather that Sunday afternoon was not optimal for an outdoor fair, it did not seem to stop the town from enjoying all of t...

Annual District Wide Art Show Celebrates Student Achievement

Annual District Wide Art Show Celebrates Student Achievement

Jack Kramer, News Editor

June 8, 2017

On May 9th and 10th, Ramsey residents flocked to the Ramsey High School Mitchell Gym for the annual district visual arts show. The gym was transformed into an art gallery, displaying the works of Ramsey students from grades one through twelve. For the past decade, Ramsey has dedicated two spring nights...

World Challenge, Part Three. Next Stop, Bolivia!

Isabella D'Amico, Staff Writer

June 6, 2017

In October 2015, Ramsey High School announced that the next World Challenge trip to Bolivia.  Now, a year and half later, the sophomores and juniors who signed up are preparing to take off in late June for the two-week trip. There are six groups going to Bolivia this year, each consisting of about...

Egypt from the Eyes of Egyptians 2017 Part 2

Sarah Eldib, Managing Editor

June 1, 2017

Women and Gender Roles in Egypt Egypt has been long known for its role in ancient history. In fact, the Ancient Egyptian civilization dates back to approximately a little over 3100 BC, yet some have said that it might have even went even further back to 3500 BC. Additionally, Ancient Egypt is a...

Gen21 Attends ‘Women in the World Summit’

Gen21 Attends 'Women in the World Summit'

Amanda Kazcorowski, Staff Writer

May 3, 2017

From April 5th to April 7th, Tina Brown Live Media, in association with the New York Times, held the eighth-annual Women in the World Summit. The Women in the World Summit is a three-day conference focusing on the incredible achievements of women from all over the globe. It consists of many different...